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Don’t settle for Microsoft Word graphics, help your company stand out by displaying bold, eye-catching designs.
Your website is your store front – if it isn’t impressive, you run the risk of losing out on customers. Stand out with a bold new look.
It is imperative that your company have an effective brand strategy in order to secure an edge within your competitive industry.
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Social media presence is more than just having a company account. Properly utilizing your social media can take your company to new heights.

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Some Words From Our Clients

Blue Raccoon has been a driving force in helping the Waynesville Athletic Department clarify and direct our efforts with social media and website initiatives. Taking the time to use the Blue Raccoon team to consult revived our dormant social media efforts and was well worth our investment.

Before we consulted with Blue Raccoon, viewers had limited connection to our online content. Now, with only a few months of effort, any content that we share with our online community reaches our audience and our social posts are shared virally from people connected to us through their interactions. Our website traffic, social media connection and interaction have all shown growth tied to the beginning of our efforts.

The ability for Blue Raccoon to help us connect to spectators, parents, athletes and alumni is something that we were able for us to accomplish without experienced input. We have started with a full service social media support package and have used the Blue Raccoon services extensively across platforms to define our online presence focused around the ways that social media is used by our fans.

Grant, and the Blue Raccoon team get our highest recommendation if you desire to connect to people in a personal and social way you should glean from the experience of the Blue Raccoon.

We leaned on Grant and the Blue Raccoon Creative team to help usher the Kairos Prison Ministries into the digital era. As the ministry continues growing, we knew we needed to reach a new demographic and the only way to do that was by making an impact online.

The team at Blue Raccoon helped to give Kairos a face on the web. They crafted a new web design that was not only gorgeous, but highly efficient and welcoming. In addition, they help to maintain and upkeep the website for us to ensure continued quality – something we do not have the time (or knowledge) to do ourselves.

BRC also educated us on the importance of digital marketing. Their knowledgeable team created a social media and marketing plan specifically for us that targeted the geographical demographics that we specifically requested – and the results are beyond our expectations.

Kairos has always been a great ministry, but the issue was that very few knew about us. Thanks to the BRC group, we are growing faster than ever.

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Every company is different, and we believe your digital strategy should be created specifically to fit your needs. That is why every package we offer is fully customizable.


We know you have financial limitations, and we are priced to specifically meet those needs. Not a fan of our packages? No worries, we’ll create one to fit your budget and desires.


Throughout every step of the process, we strive to have open communication and dialogue to ensure your company is provided with the best result.


The Blue Raccoon Creative team is comprised of professionals that solely specialize in the areas of design, marketing, branding, web design, advertising and search engine optimization.


We believe trust is one of the biggest factors needed to be successful – within our company as well as in partnership with yours. BRC is an open book, just ask and find out.

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